Antioch Baptist Church 2019 Events


January 15th - Women's Bible Study 10am 

January 16th - Black History Meeting 11am

January 16th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm

January 16th - Bible Study 7pm

January 19th - Leadership Meeting  

January 20th - Tribal Ministry Meeting (following morning service)

January 22nd - Women's Bible Study 10am 

January 29th - Women's Bible Study 10am 



February 2nd - Chosen 300 Ministry 3:30 pm 

February 5th - Women's Bible Study 10am 

February 6th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm

February 9th - Black History Fashion Show & Luncheon 1pm-5pm

February 12th - Women's Bible Study 10am 

February 13th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm

February 19th - Women's Bible Study 10am 

February 20th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm

February 26th - Women's Bible Study 10am 

February 27th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm


March 4th - Women's Fellowship Ministry Meeting 

March 5th - Women's Bible Study 10am 

March 6th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm

March 8th - Girl's Night Out

March 12th - Women's Bible Study 10am 

March 13th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm

March 17th - Black History Meeting... following service

March 19th - Women's Bible Study 10am 

March 20th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm

March 22nd - Men's Night Out 7pm

March 23rd - Deacon/Deaconess Fun Day 

March 26th - Women's Bible Study 10am

March 27th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

March 31st - Guest Preacher: Rev. Jamal Evans


April 2nd - Women's Bible Study 10am

April 3rd - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm  

April 6th - Chosen 300 Ministry 3:30 pm

April 9th - Women's Bible Study 10am

April 10th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

April 16th - Women's Bible Study 10am 

April 17th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm

April 23rd - Women's Bible Study 10am 

April 24th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm

April 27th - Chosen 300 Annual Walk Against Homelessness

April 30th - Women's Bible Study 10am 



May 1st - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

May 7th - Women's Bible Study 10am 

May 8th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm

May 14th - Women's Bible Study 10am

May 15th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

May 21st - Women's Bible Study 10am

May 22nd - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

May 28th - Women's Bible Study 10am

May 29th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 


 June 1st - Chosen 300 Ministry 3:30 pm

June 4th - Women's Bible Study 10am

June 5th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

June 11th - Women's Bible Study 10am

June 12th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

June 18th - Women's Bible Study 10am

June 19th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

June 25th - Women's Bible Study 10am

June 26th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 



July 2nd - Women's Bible Study 10am

July 3rd - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

July 9th - Women's Bible Study 10am

July 10th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

July 16th - Women's Bible Study 10am

July 17th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

July 23rd - Women's Bible Study 10am

July 24th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

July 30th - Women's Bible Study 10am

July 31st - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm  

Vacation Bible School (dates to be determined)


 August 3rd - Chosen 300 Ministry 3:30 pm

August 6th - Women's Bible Study 10am

August 7th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

August 13th - Women's Bible Study 10am

August 14th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

August 20th - Women's Bible Study 10am

August 21st - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

August 27th - Women's Bible Study 10am

August 28th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 


September 3rd - Women's Bible Study 10am 

September 4th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm

September 10th - Women's Bible Study 10am

September 11th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

September 17th - Women's Bible Study 10am

September 18th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

September 24th - Women's Bible Study 10am

September 25th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 


October 1st - Women's Bible Study 10am 

October 2nd - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

October 5th - Chosen 300 Ministry 3:30 pm

October 8th - Women's Bible Study 10am

October 9th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

October 15th - Women's Bible Study 10am

October 16th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

October 22nd - Women's Bible Study 10am

October 23rd - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

October 29th - Women's Bible Study 10am

October 30th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 


 November 5th - Women's Bible Study 10am

November 6th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

November 12th - Women's Bible Study 10am

November 13th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

November 19th - Women's Bible Study 10am

November 20th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm  

November 26th -   Women's Bible Study 10am

November 27th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 


December 3rd - Women's Bible Study 10am

December 4th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

December 7th - Chosen 300 Ministry 3:30 pm

December 10th - Women's Bible Study 10am

December 11th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 

December 17th - Women's Bible Study 10am 

December 18th - Prayer Meeting 6:30pm

December 31st - New Years Eve Watch Night Service 9pm


Christmas Bazaar and Sunday School Presentation (dates to be determined)




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